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Hejing packaging is committed with the development of products that are easily disassembled and recycled. Glass, PP, PET and PCR components, as well as mono material packs, in which all parts are made from the same material, are being increasingly adopted. Through research and development, we are opting for more renewable, biodegradable and recycled materials, replacing fossil-based components. Wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, ocean waste plastic and bio-based, microplastics-free materials are some of the rising stars of our replacement strategy.
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Hejing Packaging helps you reduce, reuse and recycle your packaging which can help your brand, the community and the environment. You can do all of this and still have quality packaging that provides added value to your brand.


To meet the sustainability goals of your brand, Hejing Packaging has curated an assortment of its products that include Refillable Components, PP, Glass, Paper, PE, PET, PETG etc. Hejing Packaging already incorporated PCR, Degradable raw material and Sugarcane material into most products.

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